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Treatment Plan Management Tool


Medconnet is a treatment plan management tool built specifically to improve the ongoing health monitoring and communication process between patients and practitioners. Built as a mobile app, Medconnet allows practitioners to build tailored treatment plans incorporating drug prescriptions, non-drug rehabilitation actions and recurring measurement and monitoring requests. Patients interact with their treatment plan using their own mobile app login, with reminders pushed to their device to follow plan actions and report back to the practitioner.

Ai & Machine learning

  • Secure by design, AI & machine learning platform
  • Privacy by design clouds platform
  • Remotely and conveniently access your scans in real time with high quality images
Artificial intelligence

MedConnet Monitoring Services

Monitoring service that MedConnet currently offer

Smart monitoring

MedConnet collects high-quality data and sends it to your doctor remotely. All our devices are approved by the FDA and TGA.

Medical Record

Home of medical recording platform with over 300 + medical devices and wearable

Consultative care with no limitation

Facilitating post consultative care without borders

Predictive Recovery Medicine

  • Home of predictive condition recovery medicine
  • Connected interoperability clouds hospital
  • Patient empowerment platform

Mobile App

Available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices, MedConnet allows practitioners to fully document each consultation, prepare treatment plans and ongoing monitoring regimes, and to connect with their patients in a streamlined, non-obtrusive manner.


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